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International Support of Conscientious Objectors and Deserters

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Edo Konrad:
Israel: IDF releases longest-serving female conscientious objector
Israel: Dozens of Senior Legal Experts In An Urgent Appeal to the Chief Military Advocate
- “Tair Kaminer’s imprisonment is an unacceptable policy”
European Bureau for Conscientious Objection (EBCO):
Appeal: Free Ruslan Kotsaba!
- Ukrainian journalist and conscientious objector in prison
Gallery: International delegation went to Diyarbakır and Cizre
"We raise a common voice for peace and against militarisation"
- Statement
Welcome to Connection e.V.

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International Support of Conscientious Objectors and Deserters

Conscientious objectors, men as well as women, need help on an international scale. Connection e.V. is committed to support war resisters.

South Korea: Appeal court victory for conscientious objectors
Further COs in prison – Rule of Constitutional Court expected

The South Korean government must take heed of a major appeal court ruling and stop criminalizing conscientious objectors, said Amnesty International today.

Appeal court judges in Gwangju, south-west Korea, overturned the guilty verdicts of two conscientious objectors, Cho Rak-hoon and Kim Hyung-geun. It is the first time an appeal court has reversed guilty verdicts in a conscientious objectors case.

Algeria: National Service and Conscientious Objection

A survey to conscription, military service, postponements, exemptions, conscientious objection and civil service as well as to the prosecution of conscientious objectors in Algeria.

Finland: Total objector Otto Absetz imprisoned

Finnish total objector Otto Absetz began a sentence of 99 days imprisonment on Tuesday, 30th August. Otto's refusal is based on the fact the current Finnish legislation on conscription is discriminating and puts people to different position on basis of their sex and religion.

Send a protest email to the Finnish prime minister here.

Turkey: Let’s Resist the Spiral of Violence and Militarist Imposition

Military coups have brought along human rights violations in every location they have taken place. In every place where the army has taken control by force, the violence has been further institutionalized and the societies who witness the coups have been stuck in spirals of violence. The process we have been living since July 15 night is making us experience a variety of this spiral of violence. On one side military coup scenarios are being put into practice by “Peace at Home Council”, on the other side AKP government’s so called “democratic moves” are on the agenda.

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