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International Support of Conscientious Objectors and Deserters

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Israel: Tanya Golan joins Tair Kaminer in her refusal to serve in the IDF
ሓጺር ታሪኽ ሂወት ሓውና ኣብረሃም ገብረየሱስ ምሕረትኣብ:
ሎሚ ንንፈተዎ ሓውና፣ መሓዛናን ብጻይናን ኣብረሃም ገብረየሱስ ምሕረ
- ኣብረሃም ሰኑይ ታሕሳስ 07, 2015 ኣብ ከተማ ኦፍንባኽ ድሕሪ ክግበረሉ ዝጸንሐ
Eritrean Antimilitary Initiative to Abraham Mehreteab
- "We are remembering with deep sadness"
Rudi Friedrich:
Abraham Mehreteab
- An obituary to an activist of Eritrean Antimilitarist Initiative
Welcome to Connection e.V.

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International Support of Conscientious Objectors and Deserters

Conscientious objectors, men as well as women, need help on an international scale. Connection e.V. is committed to support war resisters.

Israel: "I will declare my refusal to serve in the military"

My name is Tair Kaminer, I am 19. I graduated of a year of volunteering with the scouts in Sderot. On January 10th, 2016, I will report to the induction base and declare my refusal to serve in the military, and my willingness to do alternative civil service. To this reality, I say enough! There I decided to refuse military service.

Urgent Call from Turkey’s Human Rights Organizations
To the international community

With the interruption of the peace talks, the government of Turkey started, in mid-August, to implement a security policy that unlawfully restricts fundamental rights and freedoms in those cities and towns largely populated by Kurds.

As civil society organisations we demand the international community to remind the Government of Republic of Turkey that:

  • curfews declared in the absence of any legal basis are unacceptable,
  • lethal force cannot be used by any means whatsoever in a disproportionate and arbitrary fashion,
  • during security operations obligations stemming from international human rights law, international criminal law as well as the humanitarian law cannot be suspended,
  • human rights organisations, professional organisations, representatives of local government and of the Parliament, struggling to end, identify and penalise right violations and to reflect the process in total transparency to the international community, should be supported, and
  • we call for a bilateral ceasefire, the cessation of conflict and the resumption of peace negotiations to be carried out in an official and transparent manner in the presence of independence observers.
EBCO publishes its Report 2015 on Conscientious objection to military service in Europe
A sad continuity of problems

On International Human Rights Day the European Bureau for Conscientious Objection (EBCO) publishes its new Annual Report “Conscientious objection to military service in Europe 2015”. “It remains a scandal that the violation of the human right of conscientious objection to military service continues to be a daily occurrence in several member states of the Council of Europe”, EBCO President Friedhelm Schneider said today. “And it is a shame that members of European institutions seem to resign themselves to this unacceptable state of affairs.”

South Korea: More than 8,000 signatures presented for the human right of conscientious objection

In a joint action War Resisters’ International, Connection e.V. (Germany), Amnesty International Korea and World Without War (South Korea) today presented more than 8,000 signatures from 108 countries, including members of parliaments from Germany, European Union and South Korea, to the ministry of defense in Seoul, the capital of South Korea. The organizations demand the recognition of conscientious objection and the immediate and unconditional release of conscientious objectors in prison.

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