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Connection e.V.
Internationale Arbeit für Kriegsdienstverweigerer und Deserteure

Connection e.V. got the Martin-Niemöller Support Prize 2009

Connection e.V. - Highlights

2016: Campaign "Stop the cycle of violence in Turkey!" (...mehr); Ukraine - Strengthening the resistance against war (...mehr); U.S. AWOL soldier André Shepherd seeking asylum (...mehr); Conscientious objectors in Israel against occupation (...mehr);


2015: Activists of South Korean organisation World Without War in Europe; Art Meets Conscientious Objection - A creative weekend (...mehr); US AWOL soldier André Shepherd gets human rights award (...mehr); Tour with conscientious objectors from Israel;


2014: Speaking Tour "War in Ukraine: A torned country"; Mediterranean Conscientious Objectors Meeting (...more); U.S. AWOL soldier at European Court of Justice (...more)


2013: Speaking tour "Turkey - Escalation or Conflict Resolution?" ; Turkey: Campaign to Conscientious Objection; Seminar for Egyptian CO activists, Solidarity campaigns to conscientious objectors and deserters from United States and other countries

2012: Speaking tours "Egyptian Spring - Between revolution and military power" and „Arms Exports to Southern Africa: A Business with the Death; Turkey: Campaign to Conscientious Objection; Solidarity Campaign to conscientious objectors from Egypt, Turkey and United States

2011: Lecture tour „Arms Exports to Southern Africa: A Business with the Death“; Bertha-von-Suttner Art and Media Award for DVD „...but didn`t serve“; Solidarity Campaigns for Conscientious Objectors in Egypt and Turkey (...more).

2010: Eritrean Deserters get asylum after deportation; Speaking tour on Colombia with an activist of Red Juvenil, Medellín; U.S. AWOL Soldier André Shepherd is awarded the taz newspaper’s Panter Preis (...more);

2009: Connection e.V. wins the Martin-Niemöller-Stiftung’s Advancement Award; Hearing „Stop the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan“ (...more);

2008: Start of the campaign „Asylum for U.S. AWOL Soldier André Shepherd“ (...more); Reading tour to present the book by U.S. deserter Joshua Key, „The Deserter’s Tale“.

2007: Campaign for imprisoned U.S. conscientious objector Agustín Aguayo (...more); Connection supports the self-organized founding of the “Ethiopian War Resisters’ Initiative” (...more);

2006: Campaign for Turkish conscientious objectors achieves the release of Mehmet Tarhan from prison – Osman Murat Ülke wins at the European Court of Human Rights (...more);

2005: Speaking tour „The other Africa“ concerning nonviolent activities on the continent – Angolan peace activist Emanuel Matondo tours about 30 towns and cities in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and France;

2004 ... 1994: (...more)

1993: Connection e.V. is founded.

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Connection e.V. - About Us 

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Connection e.V. - About Us

Many countries practice forceful recruitment for war. Objectors are discriminated against and persecuted. Connection e.V., an association founded in 1993, advocates a comprehensive right to conscientious objection at an international level. The organisation collaborates with groups opposing war, conscription and the military. Beyond Europe, our network extends to Turkey, the U.S., Israel, Latin America and Africa.

The danger of prosecution has forced many conscientious objectors to leave their countries. However, prosecution as a conscientious objector is usually not recognized as a reason for asylum. Connection e.V. demands that conscientious objectors from war regions should get asylum. We offer counseling and information to refugees and support for their self-organization.

Decision of the European Court of Justice in the case of U.S. AWOL soldier André Shepherd
Connection e.V. and PRO ASYL: Much that is negative and little that is positive in the outcome

The network for conscientious objection Connection e.V. and PRO ASYL criticize today’s decision by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) in the case of U.S. AWOL soldier André Shepherd (37) as insufficient and in part quite incomprehensible in its argumentation. “The ruling by the ECJ does not strengthen the position of conscientious objectors and deserters in political-asylum proceedings. The Court avoided some fundamental questions, and answered others unacceptably, contrary to the opinion submitted by the Advocate-General.” said Rudi Friedrich of Connection e.V.

U.S. AWOL soldier André Shepherd: European Court of Justice Advocate General Reinforces Rights of Refusers

In the legal case of U.S. AWOL soldier André Shepherd (37) the European Court of Justice Advocate General, Eleanor Sharpton, today published her final opinion. This official statement contains guiding deliberations for the interpretation of the so-called Qualification Directive of the European Union. Amongst other considerations, these rules state that those endangered by prosecution or punishment for refusal to perform military service involving an illegal war or commital of war crimes, should be protected by the European Union.

Mediterranean Conference on Conscientious Objection in Cyprus

The first ever Mediterranean Conference on Conscientious Objection took place in Cyprus from 31 January to 3 February 2014. Over 30 activists from Greece, Cyprus, Israel, Palestine, Egypt and Turkey were able to particpate. The group was complemented with other guests from Germany, the United Kingdom and Switzerland. Rudi Friedrich reports.

U.S. AWOL soldier Shepherd appeals against the rejection of his application for political asylum
Severe criticism of the decision of the Federal Bureau from peace and refugee-aid organizations

The U.S. AWOL soldier André Shepherd today instructed his attorney to institute legal proceedings against the negative ruling on his application for asylum by the Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge [Federal Bureau of Migration and Refugees] that was served two days ago. At a press conference held by Connection e.V., PRO ASYL, and the Military Counseling Network in Frankfurt am Main, he commented at length.

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